Creating My First Video Game: Part 3 – Learning to Settle


I don’t have the time to be picky.

I came to the above realization when I sat at my computer for multiple weekends in a row while staring at my code wondering how I can fix the smallest of bugs in my game. We’re talking real small, like, the collision is literally one pixel off, or a certain sound doesn’t play when X or Y happens (I added sound, by the way). None of this makes the game unplayable, and considering that 1) this is my first time ever coding anything with substance, 2) it is my first game and nobody expects it to be perfect, 3) if in the unlikely event that the game does look like it might be a hit, I can go back and fix minor bugs later, 4) I have a full time job and can’t spend my very limited free time worrying about the small stuff when #’s 1-3 are factors. I just need to take what is “good enough” and move on.

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Full Health Bar Podcast Update — Where the heck is a new episode?


It’s been roughly a month since the last regular episode of the Full Health Bar Podcast. That’s too long. I know the podcast isn’t a smashing success, but the metrics I receive seem to indicate that a decent number of people listen to the thing. These people — and if you’re reading this, you are likely one of these people — deserve an explanation as to why our originally scheduled to be bi-weekly podcast has become a “sometimes” podcast. Hopefully this post will shed some light on things.


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Full Health Bar Podcast Episode 7


The usual band of varying degrees of Irish people once again decided to push the limit of their podcast host… three weeks ago. That’s right! This podcast was recorded three weeks ago! All the crappy quality in the world couldn’t get this podcast small enough to be uploaded in the month of March, so here it is now. Hope it doesn’t suck!

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Full Health Bar Podcast Episode 6


Randy and Double Irish bring it back with a bunch of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quotes. Actually, I think they quote a bunch of stuff. They also get into conversations about Dark Souls, Uncharted, and Crash Bandicoot. You know, all of the hot new games.

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